We want to know why

This century, we will face a range of societal challenges both in the Nordic countries and globally. These challenges should be solved by people with insights about the societal, cultural and political processes that brought us here. We need those who understand the human being and our interactions with the environment, and are able to answer the question “why?”.

We want to give experts in humanities and social sciences a prominent position in societal debate. Our seven-year-long research programme will provide the basis for unique cooperation where the goal is to offer new information for decision-makers. We believe that social and human sciences can give us the answers we are looking for.

The application process

The application for the programme is completed in two stages. The first stage ended on the 15th of February. The applications in stage 1 are currently being evaluated by a panel of experts who choose which projects will go forward. The chosen projects are invited to submit a complete application in stage 2.