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Stipulations for the research projects

The application for the programme is completed in two stages. The projects proceeding to stage 2 in the application process have been chosen and contacted. They are to submit a full application between 15th May and 18th June 2021.

The projects must touch on big societal challenges of the future with relevance for the Nordics, preferably so that at least two Nordic countries are included in the study. The research should have a relevance for several Nordic countries and connections to Finland or Sweden.

Research project applications can be intradisciplinary, but multidisciplinary projects are encouraged. The project duration can be up to four years with a maximum budget of 1 million euro.

The research project leader must represent a field within humanities or social sciences and have an affiliation to a university, Higher Education Institution (HEI) or a research institute in Finland or Sweden. The project participants do not need to have this affiliation.  

The researchers in the project can represent fields other than humanities or social sciences, but the research questions must have originated in these.

A project leader is eligible to participate in one application only. Project participants can participate in a maximum of two applications.

Doctoral students, who do not have funding from elsewhere, can be funded within the programme. Doctoral students with existing funding may be linked to projects.

The applications – process and content

The application process comprises two stages. The shortlisted projects from stage 1 are invited to submit a full application in stage 2, which runs from 15th May to 18th June 2021. The application must be in English and submitted through the SLS electronic application system (link below). The project leader must log into the application system as an organization (university, HEI or research institute).

Stage 2

The project plan must include a description of the purpose and object of the project, problem formulation and framing of questions, research methods and research material, working plan and schedule, research group, partners, expected results, risk assessment and information about how the research could be useful for society and relevant target groups.

The project plan can be a maximum of 30,000 characters including spaces. Tables, diagrams, pictures, sources and bibliography must be attached separately as annexes.

If there has been an ethical review on the research, the ethics report must be attached. The funders of the research programme have the right to claim ethical review on the research that is financed.

The project leader must attach a CV (maximum three pages) and a list of publications (maximum ten publications).

A list of publications (maximum five publications) must be attached from all researchers in the project.

A publishing plan, communications plan and detailed budget must be attached to the application.

The communications plan should include a description of how the research results will be made accessible to the scientific community, decision-makers and the public.

The detailed budget should include a description of how the means will be spent. Besides wages and indirect employee costs it is possible to apply for means for open access publishing, travels, internal project seminars, material costs, fees for auxiliary labour and other operating costs. The costs must be specified and motivated. The researchers in the project can be financed up to 100 per cent working hours. The sum for the overhead to cover university costs (20 per cent of the wages and indirect employee costs) must be included in the budget. The total budget cannot exceed 1 million euro.


The applications in stage 1 have been evaluated by a panel, which consisted of external experts with a wide knowledge in culture and society. The key criteria for the assessment of the applications were the academic quality of the research content, the feasibility of the project, the potential benefit for society and the leadership-qualification of the project leader.

The steering group of the research programme made the final decision on which projects would continue to stage 2. The project leaders have been informed about the decisions.

The applications in stage 2 will be evaluated by a panel, which recommends projects for funding to the steering group. The steering group will present a final proposal to the funders of the research programme, in September. The funders will make their funding decisions in October or November 2021. The projects can start in 2022.

No feedback on applications is provided to applicants.

For more information, contact:

Head of Research
Society of Swedish Literature in Finland
+358 40 152 2314