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Stipulations for the research projects

The second stage of the application for the research programme ended on 18th June 2021. The projects that will receive financing have been chosen and will be announced in December.

The projects must touch on big societal challenges of the future with relevance for the Nordics, preferably so that at least two Nordic countries are included in the study. The research should have a relevance for several Nordic countries and connections to Finland or Sweden.

Research project applications can be intradisciplinary, but multidisciplinary projects are encouraged. The project duration can be up to four years with a maximum budget of 1 million euro.

The research project leader must represent a field within humanities or social sciences and have an affiliation to a university, Higher Education Institution (HEI) or a research institute in Finland or Sweden. The project participants do not need to have this affiliation.  

The researchers in the project can represent fields other than humanities or social sciences, but the research questions must have originated in these.

A project leader is eligible to participate in one application only. Project participants can participate in a maximum of two applications.

Doctoral students, who do not have funding from elsewhere, can be funded within the programme. Doctoral students with existing funding may be linked to projects.


The projects that will receive financing within the research programme have been chosen and will be announced in December.

No feedback on applications is provided to applicants.

For more information, contact:

Head of Research
Society of Swedish Literature in Finland
+358 40 152 2314