We want to know why

This century, we will face a range of societal challenges both in the Nordic countries and globally. These challenges should be solved by people with insights about the societal, cultural and political processes that brought us here. We need those who understand the human being and our interactions with the environment, and are able to answer the question “why?”.

We want to give experts in humanities and social sciences a prominent position in societal debate. Our seven-year-long research programme will provide the basis for unique cooperation where the goal is to offer new information for decision-makers. We believe that social and human sciences can give us the answers we are looking for.

The application process

The applications from the second stage of the application process are currently being evaluated. Applicants will receive information on which projects will be funded in November 2021.


    • Birgitta Forsström
    • 16.9.2021
    • Eng
    Why does Stiftelsen Brita Maria Renlunds minne want to participate in the funding of Future Challenges in the Nordics? "This research program nicely combines not only several countries but also has the ambition to connect researchers from the humanities and social sciences, said CEO Birgitta Forsström. "We believe this is a successful venture."
    • Marika Hedin
    • 26.8.2021
    • Eng
    What made Riksbankens Jubileumsfond join the funding of Future Challenges in the Nordics? “I firmly believe that the only way to approach the great challenges of the future is collaborating between all science domains,” said CEO Marika Hedin.
    • Antti Arjava
    • 29.7.2021
    • Eng
    Why does the Finnish Cultural Foundation want to finance Future Challenges in the Nordics? “We especially wish to encourage interaction between the humanities or social sciences and the natural or technical sciences,” said Secretary General Antti Arjava. “This is an opportunity to learn from each other on both sides.”
    • Sören Lillkung
    • 8.7.2021
    • Eng
    Why does The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland want to participate in the funding of Future Challenges in the Nordics? “In a post-industrial society we should not focus on achieving growth alone, but also on pure knowledge and the wellbeing of people,” said CEO Sören Lillkung. “We value the holistic view on the surrounding world.”
    • Nina Edgren-Henrichson
    • 28.5.2021
    • Eng
    “Without exception, these projects represent new ways of looking at how we in the Nordic countries, and in a broader global perspective, position ourselves in relation to the major issues of the future. Many of the projects combine issues and theoretical approaches in a way that we have not really seen before.”
    • Nina Edgren-Henrichson
    • 28.5.2021
    • Fin
    “Nämä projektit ovat sellaisia, että ne poikkeuksetta edustavat uusia avauksia liittyen siihen miten me Pohjoismaissa ja laajemmassa globaalissa perspektiivissä asetumme suhteessa suuriin tulevaisuuden kysymyksiin. Useat projekteista yhdistelevät sekä kysymyksenasetteluja että teoreettisia näkökulmia tavalla, jota emme oikeastaan ole aiemmin nähneet.”